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EfD renews commitment to Jacaranda Health

EfD has recently renewed its commitment to Jacaranda Health, a non-profit social enterprise, to support the business to become a regional hub for quality improvement in maternal and newborn health.

Jacaranda Health is one of the highest quality maternity providers in East Africa, as demonstrated by its recent award for SafeCare Level 5 certification, making it one of only three facilities in Africa to achieve this distinction.

EfD’s resources are being utilised to support the creation of a set of papers, light-weight tools and checklists that distill key lessons from Jacaranda’s model, which can be used in the expansion and dissemination of the model (either for knowledge sharing and technical assistance, or through management partnerships with other private sector players) with the intention to serve the public good by spreading Jacaranda’s expertise for the improvement in quality of maternal healthcare for women in Africa.

EfD’s case study provides an overview of the Jacaranda Health business model, how the business has grown to date, and how it intends to scale up over the coming years.

See here for more information.

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